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Medium Gear Championships

The 10 mile Medium Gear Time Trial Championship is the first competition of the year and is a true test of early season fitness, technique and finesse. They are held on the quiet lanes of the club 'sporting' course, starting at the old Lime Kiln Inn, Cropwell Bishop. The best three times (from four potential events) wins the Medium Gear trophy.

You can ride Medium Gear (maximum 72 inches) - see below for an explanation - or ride a 'private trial' (that doesn't count towards the Championship) using a full range of gears.
Riders between the age of 12 and 18 will require a Parent / Guardian Consent form signing.
Non-members are welcome to ride a 'private trial'. Please read the rules regarding private trials

Event Details

Start Time: 11:00am (sign-on from 10:30am)
Entry: On the line (preference to Nottingham Clarion members)
Cost: £4 per ride
HQ Location: Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall (car park!), 73 Nottingham Road, Cropwell Bishop NG12 3BA
Course: A10/28C 'sporting' 10 mile course, starting from the old Lime Kiln Inn (0.7 miles from HQ)


Volunteers Wanted

We love our Club Events as they are what keeps us all meeting up. If you fancy time keeping, marshalling or helping to like to organise us in other ways then drop us a line. We are always super-grateful for helpers

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What is Medium Gear?

A medium gear TT is ridden in a 72inch gear (or lower), with no changing allowed. However, you don't have to ride the events as Medium Gear and can use all of your gears if you like but if you do, remember to inform the timekeeper and your time will be recorded as a private time and won't be counted towards the Championship. It's good fun, social and great training for the season ahead.

There are gear charts online (like this one) which can help you calculate your closest gear.


700x23 diameter tyre 52 teeth chainring 19 tooth sprocket = 70.88 inches
700x23 diameter tyre 53 teeth chainring 21 tooth sprocket = 66.3 inches
700x23 diameter tyre 50 teeth chainring 19 tooth sprocket = 69.2 inches
700x23 diameter tyre 42 teeth chainring 16 tooth sprocket = 69.0 inches
700x23 diameter tyre 39 teeth chainring 15 tooth sprocket = 68.3 inches
700x23 diameter tyre 34 teeth chainring 13 tooth sprocket = 68.7 inches
700x25 diameter tyre 52 teeth chainring 19 tooth sprocket = 71.98 inches